Play Pokemon X and Y on PC using 3DS Emulator

Nintendo 3ds Emulator can emulate 3ds games on a PC without any lags or bugs. The emulator is available for Windows as well as MacIntosh Operating System. The emulator is customizable and can be used on y any windows or Mac PC. It do require some GPU processing power but still with minimum expenses of Graphic processing , it will emulator Nintendo 3DS Games Smoothly.

The emulator still need the Original Bios File which can be extracted from only the Official Nintendo 3ds Firmware . We cannot share the bios file here , as it will be against our terms and conditions.

This emulator will let you Play Pokemon X , Pokemon Y , Animal Crossing and much more games on PC.

3ds emulator

Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Nintendo 3DS Emulator has been launched after a long beta testing phase. In the beta phase , the 3ds emulator was tested with lots of games like Pokemon X , Pokemon Y , Legends of Zelda , Mario kart and much more games.

This new Version of 3ds emulator will let you emulate the 3ds games with real HD graphics and 3D sound without any lags or bugs. It is a closed source freeware with no bugs at all. It took a lot of time to code the software and even more time to make it compatible with more games. The emulator will adjust automatically according to your screen resolution you full 3d effect while playing the 3ds games on your pc.

3ds emulator

The 3ds emulator is coded my our Team known as Team L33T C0D3RS and is brought to you by . We are now working on 3ds emulator for android operating system which will let you play 3ds games on high end android smartphones also. The emulator is easy to use with very simple GUI . You just have to load the rom into the emulator and the emulation will start in few moments. But you need a high end graphic card in your PC to make the gameplay smooth and enjoyable.

Minumum System Requirements

Windows 7


5Gb HDD[Not Including the space needed for ROMS]

2GB Graphic Card

Features of Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Easy to Use

BIOS file Needed

Auto Adjust Screen Resolution

Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Disclaimer – Its is a closed source program and we are not associated with Nintendo by any means. Nintendo 3ds is a trademark of Nintendo Co., Ltd

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