Reasons why you should upgrade to the latest New 3DS


Imagine yourself, engaging in handheld gaming using dual joysticks. Sitting on couch and mind sets on revenge with the ergonomic gamepad. Battery life which burts out madness in you. Now, who wants 4 inch LCD 3D-enabled widescreen and a 4 inch LED touchscreen at the same time? Suit yourself in the “New Nintendo 3DS XL”, […]

Nintendo 3DS game ROMS


What are ROMS? ROM for games, came from READ-ONLY Memory storage system, which is most commonly used by old computer game consoles to store their games. Though recently, there are many other files being used like ISO, though the usage in emulators are the same, as a dumped data of games. How do I Extract […]

How to get the best possible performance from the emulator.


Emulators introduce overheads from translating the code of the system architecture of the machine being emulated, into the current machine emulating it. Thus even if the old machine’s specs is lower than the current machine doing the emulation, theres a chance that it will run slower. Here, we will discuss the main things you can […]

Most Common Reason why People Use Game Console Emulators.


Emulators are very popular, people have a reason or another to use them. Here we tackle the top reasons why people use them. Playing for Free We cant deny it, there are many people using emulators for piracy purposes. They want to play the games, without paying for the games made by the companies. Especially […]

Legality of playing games using Emulators.


This is one of the most asked question in this field, is it legal to play games in emulators? Its a debate in itself with many branching debates on many aspects. Even comes to the question of, if you buy a disk with a game, up to what level of ownership do you have for […]

What is a BIOS, and why do I need it with most Emulators?


BIOS, or “Basic Input Output System”, is a file that you load in most emulators to play a game. It is the core system of the system(you might call it the OS) that you are trying to emulate. It is similar with your computers BIOS(firmware), it has basic functionalities which can execute codes like show […]

What is an Emulator? How does your 3DS emulator Work?

Emulators, in general, emulates or make something work on another machine, which is meant for another. Like old SNES games working on a Windows PC. Our Nintendo 3DS emulator does the very same thing, it makes games for 3DS work on Desktop/Laptops(in the future, we might support mobile phones/tables). It will make 3DS games run […]