Top Apps for the Nintendo 3DS system

Mii Maker is a system application that lets the gamers to create Mii characters through either a selection of bod and facial features such as the hair, eyes, mouth, nose or by taking a picture using the system’s cameras and an auto-generate a personal Mii. Mii characters are created and stored in the Mii Channel […]

Top 5 Upcoming  Nintendo 3ds games

Every now and then there is a game being released and the smiles on our face can be seen. We may spend and sometimes get our pockets empty because of these games but the happiness and achieved expectations that has brought to us can never be bought.Come along as we chek the top 5 best […]

Should I Buy a 3DS or PSP Vita

There are features and components in the Nintendo 3DS and PSP Vita that any person can like. Everyone has its own taste of gadgets that others might be opposed to. So let me give you some highlights of what device you’ll buy that can get to your personal taste. The Nintendo 3DS and the PSP […]

10 Worst 3DS Games in History

“Mario Party: Island Tour”. People are pretty rough towards this game. It takes away the fun factor and the tactics with those linear boards as opposed with many paths that you go around yourself, less minigames and the plan to go to the end of the track in a set of turns. Then the player […]

Guide on How to Spend Less Buying 3DS Games

Everybody knows that games become cheaper when time passes. So I suggest you wait for like six months or a year to spend less money for your 3DS games. But the gamers aren’t really know for their ability to defer satisfaction and may not realize how much money you can save by keeping yourself just […]

Best AR Games to Get


“Archery” . It is a game of shooting the targets that appear with a dragon boss at the end. The length is short and it is an easy game. There are two different modes for this game. Your main goals in each is to hit the bull’s eyes through the twisted reality. The start of […]

Sony PSP Vita Vs Nintendo 3DS


Things Making PSP Vita Better than 3DS PSP Vita’s top staffers are taking more personal approach on the other terms. The pouring scorn over both the critical and widely known commercial achievements of Nintendo’s consoles during the year of 2014. First up is the president of Sony Computer Entertainment and a CEO Shawn Layden, who […]

Why Should You Keep Your Old 3DS & Skip the New 3DS For Now

Earlier, we had a post about the reasons why you should upgrade to the “New 3DS” system. For those of you who are still confused, heres an article to make you more confused :D. Jokes aside, here are some of the reasons why someone who has an old 3DS system already, to skip the current […]

How Nintendo 3DS Won the Handheld Gaming Wars


Games For me, this is the number one reason, releasing tested and fan-based games, also, getting top third-party game developers to release exclusively on the 3DS platform. Its arguable that the games Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and XenoGear Chronicles, won a lot of gamers to buy the 3DS system instead of the […]

Reasons why you should upgrade to the latest New 3DS


Imagine yourself, engaging in handheld gaming using dual joysticks. Sitting on couch and mind sets on revenge with the ergonomic gamepad. Battery life which burts out madness in you. Now, who wants 4 inch LCD 3D-enabled widescreen and a 4 inch LED touchscreen at the same time? Suit yourself in the “New Nintendo 3DS XL”, […]